Tuesday, February 10, 2009

08 Topps Sterling 4 Box Break Recap - Rant

I am writing this article for two reasons, first to show my love and hate for 2008 Topps Sterling baseball over the 4 boxes I have done for group breaks on YouTube

Lets start out with the love (not much so lets get it out of the way):

1.The thrill of opening the box to see if you got Babe Ruth is better than opening any pack of wax.

2.Opening your player specific box to see if you wasted $195 or made a nice investment

3.The checklist is great okay well 5 players on the checklist are nice (Ripken, N. Ryan, Ruth, Mantle, and DiMaggio (oh wait he was removed)

Next the hate a longer list that has been beaten many times:

1.If you dont get one of the big 6 names or a bat-barrel your screwed basically you wasted $150-$200. In the 4 boxes I have opened on YouTube I got, Jimmie Foxx, Nolan Ryan, Paul Molitor, and Johnny Bench. The first three were hard to get. However, when I opened the Foxx box which is considered a nice player I got a 1/1 6 piece spelling out red sox. (right now your thinking well wait the cut outs were nice and un topps like spelling out something that someone who lives on earth knows about and you got a dead guy HOF 500 HR clubber 1/1. What more could you want?) Well here is what a.The relics were all bat and probably not GU because they looked like my 2 day old sofa handles from IKEA. So once again the topps memorabilia dept screwed up because bat is not as nice as GU b.Even though it was a 1/1 it still ebays at only $104.50 which means that this product absolutely is not worth it even when you pull the 6/38 best guy on the list! c.Everyone knows that cards are made in two, the bottom where they stick the GU and then the top with the writing and foil on it. What I would like once is for Topps to glue there cards together with see through rubber cement. Not that black shit that is on the side that wont come off without ruining the $104.50 card d.Lets talk about the Nolan Ryan box i.The nice thing was that I got a booklet, the bad thing is I got a booklet 1.The booklet itself is made of the glossiest material out there that screams fingerprints and hand oils.

2.Once again the die cuts are the size of a pencil eraser making it impossible to touch the pale white jersey cut outs. Whoever cut the card had to be blind because the cut outs for the auto and jerseys are torn badly from the pack.

3.The bubbly smudged auto sticker is a problem because even though it is a nice signature the random portion of card is covering the best part the Y in Ryan.

I could on and on but Ill save it for another time thanks for reading.

Here is the pic of the ryan:

Here are the 4 videos:


To all that are reading this hello, let me first off say that I'm not much for Introductions so I'll make it quick. This blog is about ranting and reviewing the current products in the sports card world. I may also through some videos in from youtube if I pull anything good.

First I want you all to know that my name "the premier king" means it, I've opened to boxes of this stuff and pulled two huge hits... Anyway that story is for another time.

My interests are mainly baseball and my team is the fraudelent big buck spending - yankees!
You can contact me by emailing me:

myuser3007@live.com - for submitting articles and questions

Furthermore there are a couple things I hate:

1. UD Exquiste FB/BKB - $500 for 5 cards....
2. Topps Shiny Stickers - make autos look awefull
3. TriStar - no usefull products ever
4. Donruss Threads 08 BB - it had potential but the RC autos killed it
5. BV, Beckett, BGS - ruins life and makes a ryan howard rc auto = a mark prior/kerry wood rc gu

Stay tuned for more posts and videos