Tuesday, February 10, 2009


To all that are reading this hello, let me first off say that I'm not much for Introductions so I'll make it quick. This blog is about ranting and reviewing the current products in the sports card world. I may also through some videos in from youtube if I pull anything good.

First I want you all to know that my name "the premier king" means it, I've opened to boxes of this stuff and pulled two huge hits... Anyway that story is for another time.

My interests are mainly baseball and my team is the fraudelent big buck spending - yankees!
You can contact me by emailing me:

myuser3007@live.com - for submitting articles and questions

Furthermore there are a couple things I hate:

1. UD Exquiste FB/BKB - $500 for 5 cards....
2. Topps Shiny Stickers - make autos look awefull
3. TriStar - no usefull products ever
4. Donruss Threads 08 BB - it had potential but the RC autos killed it
5. BV, Beckett, BGS - ruins life and makes a ryan howard rc auto = a mark prior/kerry wood rc gu

Stay tuned for more posts and videos

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